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This gorgeous Bee Charcuterie Board was made from a fallen Black Walnut tree on our farm, engraved with honey comb and a bee, and filled with gold food grade epoxy.

These Charcuterie Boards are great for serving at your next house party or for every day use. We added rustic style handles to add to the charm. Each board is unique in both grain pattern and the shape of the live edge. Standard width of these boards are approximately 11", and approximately 14" long and 3/4" thick.  We added four rubber feet on the bottom.   All boards are 100% food safe and are finished with a combination of food grade mineral oil and beeswax. For maintenance simply wipe off with a wet towel and continue use. These are meant as serving trays and not suggested to be used as cutting boards. Please note this is not the exact board you will be getting as they are all unique.

Bee Charcuterie Board

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